Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blame it on Momma

If you have noticed my lack of posts over the last week, you can blame my mother. She came to visit and so I have been busy enjoying home cooked meals, shopping excursions, and family time. Although she is not officially a local character, she is a character so if you are reading this you will meet her anyway.
My mom has the best laugh in the whole world. It is a cross between a deep belly chuckle and a giggle. And that eye twinkling thing that Santa does; well he learned that from my mom. He did not however learn the suit covered with ashes and soot thing from her because she is always impeccably dressed.
My mom is a good listener but never judges so you can tell her anything. She wants my life to be stress free and will offer to do all my worrying for me.
She is a master in the kitchen where her repartee features southern comfort food (my fav) and lots of it.
She is also a shopper extraordinaire. She can help you find things on sale that you never even knew you needed.
If she wasn’t my mom, she would still be my friend because she is so much fun to hang out with.
She thinks I am smart, beautiful, funny, and a good person. She wants me to be happy. She wants me to be the best I can be. She thinks that with just a little lipstick (“to add a little color”) that I would be perfect.


Laura K said...

"things on sale you never knew you needed"

like the pillow for the rocking chair!

Nice post! She is great!


Anonymous said...

Kim, what a beautiful post - almost as beautiful as your mother's smile.

I lost my own mom (unexpectedly and suddenly)in 2006. My loss was Heaven's gain - she's surely keeping the angels on their toes and in stiches.

She, too, was a heckuva shopper!

As for cooking... Well, she, too, was a heckuva shopper!

I hope ya'll have a glorious Thanksgiving with lots of great southern food!