Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cooler than a Puppy

Not to be outdone by last week’s news of the pending Obama puppy, I will be surprising my friends and family with an American Bison for Christmas. Yep, if you wake up with one of these adorable creatures under your tree or peeking out of your stocking, you will have me to thank for it.

You should get bison for your friends for Christmas too. A bison is way cooler than a puppy. A bison is a patriotic gift. They are an icon of American history and have appeared on flags and coins. They are also the largest land animal in North America and big gifts make you look like a big spender.

Ok. So I do realize that bison are dangerous and unpredictable wild animals. Poetic license aside, what my friends and family will actually receive on Christmas morning, is a cute plush stuffed animal representing an adopted bison through the Friends of LBL Association.

The Friends of LBL is a non-profit organization that assists with the education, improvement, and conservation of the USDA Forest Service’s Land Between the Lakes. The friends are offering a new program where you can adopt a symbolic bison or elk. The cost is $30, plus a shipping charge if the package is mailed, for each animal adopted. With the adoption you receive a cute plush elk or bison tagged for the year you adopted it, an adoption certificate; and an information piece about elk or bison, depending on which you adopted. You also receive a collage picture of elk or bison, an Elk-Bison prairie brochure and a token for a free admission to the prairie.

The proceeds from the adoption go to Friends of LBL and support environmental education, conservation activities, and programs in the Elk-bison prairie of Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. A unique gift and a good cause! It is the “Tickle me Elmo” for outdoor enthusiasts.

The adopt a bison or elk program is brand new. They will be in Friends of LBL gift shops before Thanksgiving or you can order them through the Friends Administrative offices. For more information or to order, contact jrufli@friendsoflbl.org . For more information on Friends of LBL, visit their website at http://www.friendsoflbl.org/

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