Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Girls Rule!

This year our summer fun has included Friday night croquet on the front lawn of Mark and Susan's new Grand Rivers home and I am lovin' it. We now have two croquet sets, shirts (the guys picked them out), and a league name.

Our croquet group (aka the Hard Knocks Club) is more social than competitive, but I must commend the girls for bringing the heat in August. Congrats to Isis, Susan, and Cindy - our winning players of the last three weeks. The girls rule!

A rush shot (that's croquet lingo) by Susan makes the guys look on in fear and awe:

Oh; and by the way, my husband has asked that I quit plastering his face all over the Internet on this blog and facebook. Seems he is shy or private or something. If you see him, will you let him know that I have honored his wishes and that my latest post does not have a picture of his face.

Thanks bunches!

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